Custom precast

Custom precast

The Jagas team has exceptional skill in concrete design, mixing and casting. Tell us what you need and we’ll tell you if we can create it.

From concrete seating in custom colours and bespoke memorial plaques with wording as part of the concrete to planter boxes for apartment balconies, and artistic wall plaques, we get all kinds of requests.

Often the concrete colours are custom made. Lightweight concrete is required, or the concrete needs to contain a specific aggregate. Columns and tall structures can require complex reinforcing and high-strength concrete.

“It was great to work with Jagas Paving again – their experience in creating specialised concrete mixes and making custom concrete paving stones is always useful. The specific dimensions and profile of this project meant that we needed experts on the job. The technical guys at Jagas offered some design ideas on a practical level, which speeded up installation. The mix design was also tweaked with oxides and cement additives to ensure exceptional resilience and durability.”

Tony Munro, Contract Manager at JFC

Precast concrete  columns are increasingly popular both for architectural projects and landscaping or streetscapes. Jagas will custom manufacture precast concrete columns to meet your exact design requirements.

Made to order precast concrete sills, lintels and copings are a Jagas speciality. We can custom manufacture the precast concrete products your building or streetscape project requires.

Jagas will work with your brief to create the most beautiful, durable precast concrete piece possible. Ask to speak to our Production Manager today.