Exposed pavers


The Exposed range of pavers is another traditional and popular Jagas range. In this range the pebbles or aggregates in the topping mix are exposed to give a highly textured natural finish. The exposed stones in these paving tiles provide various colours, offering an interesting alternative for home owners and designers.

The Exposed range of pavers offers a hardwearing, non-slip finish for courtyards, pathways and terraces. The special exposed surface features pebbles, stones and chip from New Zealand’s North and South Islands.

The colours, textures and combinations in aggregates are virtually limitless and can be used to create effective and dramatic decorative features in your paved area.

Pavers are normally 40mm thick.  60mm thickness is recommended where vehicle traffic may be experienced.

Efflorescence, hairline cracking and crazing and colour variation are all natural phenomena and part of the finished product.

Contact the Jagas team to ask about paving tiles, or view the technical information here.

Sizes available…

  •     300 x 300 (11 pavers per m2)
  •     450 x 450 (5 pavers per m2)
  •     500 x 500 (4 pavers per m2)
  •     600 x 300 (5.5 pavers per m2)
  •     600 x 600 (2.8 pavers per m2)
  •     600 x 150 border

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