Jagas team celebrate a successful year – with weapons!

Jagas team celebrate a successful year – with weapons!

The Jagas Precast & Paving team were enjoyed a day out together at Beretta at Bracu in Bombay. This unique location combines amazing food with some seriously fun sport.

“Beretta, the illustrious 500 year old Italian gun manufacturer, combines with Bracu Restaurant, named after the Adriatic island of Brac, to create a one-of-a-kind experience.​”

Jagas staff showcased their skills (or otherwise) using air pistols, air rifles, bows and arrows and throwing knives. It turned out that Manu is a bit of a hot-shot on the pistols, Daniel was a pretty good archer, and to no one’s surprise, Warwick had a knack for the throwing knives.

Our friendly Nickie took out the shotgun prize with ease, winning a box of beer and a bottle of wine. We asked her to step away from the guns before she opened her prize.

The team finished off the day with a delicious lunch and a few quiet drinks at Bracu restaurant. All in all, a very nice day!