Stone paving tiles


Natural stone paving is always in demand for residential, commercial and urban streetscape applications. Jagas offers a range of natural paving stone including marble paving tiles, and five colours of granite pavers.

Our natural paving stone offers textures to suit both modern and traditional paving designs. The granite pavers are finished with either a flamed, a flamed and brushed, or a sandblasted effect.

As with all Jagas paving products, our natural stone paving tiles meet the exacting demands of architects, specifiers and local authorities.

Jagas  stone paving is imported from China and is used in a wide range of commercial applications such as streetscapes, footpaths and in urban landscaping.

Residential homeowners favour the subtle hues and textures of natural stone pavers for garden paths, patios and for swimming pool landscaping.

Around pools, the darker hues and sandblasted paving tiles offer warmth and a non-slip texture.

As New Zealanders continue to embrace outdoor living and indoor-outdoor flow, natural stone paving is also gaining popularity for indoor paving tiles, especially in areas where the living area opens onto the garden where the natural stone can also feature in patios, edging and paving stone paths.

The natural warmth offered by granite and basalt paving tiles which catch the sun is a great factor in passive heating for homes.

Contact the Jagas team to ask about natural stone paving tiles or view the technical information here.

Natural stone paver Sizes

akarana caramel charcoal chateau china doll Coalstone haddonstone Inglestone mondo moonstone motarstone rotorua gold Natural Grey
  • 600 x 600 paving tiles
  • 800 x 400 paving tiles
  • 600 x 300 coping stones

Sealing your natural paving stones

Natural stone can stain and sealing is recommended. We recommend sealing with a suitable penetrating sealer. Particularly when sealing after laying, the stone should first be cleaned with a stone cleaner. If grouting is to be done before sealing it is STRONGLY ADVISED that grout marks on the stone be wiped off IMMEDIATELY.