Paradigm Shift Auckland 2016

Paradigm Shift Auckland 2016

The Jagas team had a brilliant time at Paradigm Shift Auckland. Shed 10 was packed and we enjoyed meeting up with industry contacts and making new connections. The Jagas stand showcased our paver range and introduced the audience to our permeable paver range.

Passers by stopped to watch when we poured water onto the permeable pavers displayed – and the water disappeared.

The most common questions were:

  • What are the runoff rates?
    • The first 12mm of rainfall is held within the ceramic chip of the permeable pavers so there is essentially no runoff and it is likely to evaporate. After that, through flow to the ground below is at a rate of 40mm per minute.
  • Does Auckland council accept HYDROPAVERS Permeable Pavers as a permable surface?
    • Yes. HYDROPAVERS Permable Paver surfaces will count towards the required percentage of permeable surface.