Jagas provide paving tiles for Tara Iti

Jagas provide paving tiles for Tara Iti

Tara Iti is an exclusive golf course tipped to be one of the best in the world, with million-dollar beachfront accommodation featuring paving by Jagas.

“Internally, we call the beachfront sites the Hamptons lots,” says American Jim Rohrstaff, since the beachfront sites are reminiscent of the iconic Hamptons area of New York.

Eleven of the 46 sites are around Tara Iti (fairy tern) Golf Club, north of Auckland, near Mangawhai, the remaining 35 are beachfront. The sites on the golf course range from $2.85 million to $4 million and the beachfront sites range from approximately $2 million to $3 million.

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