Concrete staircases

Precast Concrete Steps, Staircases & Landings

Jagas manufactures all the components of concrete staircases, from precast concrete stair treads and landings to custom made concrete steps and concrete stair nosings.

Concrete stair design is increasingly popular with architects for both commercial and residential buildings. Precast concrete stairs offer exceptional durability and cost effectiveness as well as striking design.

Concrete steps and risers are normally made to order for each precast concrete staircase at our factory. Custom concrete stair treads can be manufactured, along with matching paving tiles, at our Auckland premises.

A range of standard stair treads is also available at a lower cost – enquire about dimensions for your plans.

Designers and architects can specify colour and texture to match the building’s overall design from our wide range of colours, and exposed aggregate options, concrete stair nosing, inserts and so on.

Outdoor landscaping design often incorporates exterior concrete stairs, which Jagas can supply along with any other precast concrete products in our range.

Let us look at your precast stair requirements and explain how we can help.

Stair design flexibility

Visit our showroom to see our extensive colour range. Jagas offers concrete steps in terrazzo, smooth and exposed aggregate finishes for design and colour freedom.

Architects and designers are welcome to ask about custom-made precast concrete staircases. We can incorporate different aggregates and other materials to deliver the desired look and texture.  You can view our technical information here.