Jagas Technical Information

Paver storage

  • Paving is most vulnerable to damage prior to laying.
  • Do not expose palletised pavers to continuous extremes of weather.
  • If pavers are stored outside, ensure the pavers are covered to avoid excessive hot or damp conditions.
  • Keep palletised pavers out of sunlight for extreme lengths of time and keep covered until laid.

Paver transport & packaging

Our pallets carry a charge of $46 including GST and normally carry 48 pavers. This pallet charge is refundable if you wish to return them to us, provided they are in the same condition as when they left our yard. Pallet returns are the responsibility of the purchaser.

We use environmentally friendly spacers between each paver to ensure safety of each unit in transportation and handling. If you wish to return the packaging to us, you are most welcome, provided they are bundled together. The packaging will be reused to avoid wastage and to keep our environment tidier.

Unless requested otherwise, we freight all our paving by hiab truck. Freight charges can vary depending on quantity and size of your order, but generally cost $69 including GST per pallet in the Auckland area.

Paver technical specifications

Test  Result  Comments
 Compressive strength Standard mix >40 MPa  Using cylinders at 28 days
Coloured mix >25 MPa
Aggregate mix >40 MPa
Permeable Pavers  42 MPa
 Transverse test 300x300x40 >11.40 MPa  Complies with British
450x450x40 >9.6 MPa  Standards for 50mm pavers
600x600x40 >11.36 MPa
 Modulus of Rupture  Permeable Pavers 8 MPa
Density (kg/m3) Average 2.5  Standard mix
Abrasion Resistance
Abraded Volume (cm3)
Standard mix Av 1.7  SCC tumbler test
Coloured mix Av 2.5
 Slip Resistance Smooth finish Av .45  Complies with AS/NZS 3661
Etched finish Av .63  (except F6 finish)
Weathered finish Av .75
Exposed pebble Av .60
Exposed chip Av .72
Permeable Pavers Av .71
Permeability Permeable Pavers 1800 mm per hour 100mm head of water
through soaked paver
Infiltration rate (water held in paver) Permeable Pavers 11 mm of rain
Tolerance for thickness +/- 3 mm  Refer JAGAS Manufacturing
Tolerance for size +/-2 mm  Specification for details
Tolerance for flatness
Winding & bowing over 550 straight edge
<3 mm

Download Cross Sections & Specs

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