Top Urban Paving Trends – Concrete Pavers go Pale for 2016

Top Urban Paving Trends – Concrete Pavers go Pale for 2016

Paving for outdoor landscaping, pool patios, interior rooms and urban areas is pale and clean this season, with neutral hued pavers in a starring role.

Our team have a wealth of knowledge about paving trends and emerging styles, and we can custom make pavers for your project – just talk to our Auckland team about your paving project.

Landscaping pavers – outdoor paving tiles & pool paving

Current trends for light coloured outdoor furniture complement neutral paving tiles. The sophistication of the subdued palette of creams, mocha and white highlights the sleek lines that pool-side furniture can offer.

Jagas Paving’s Terrazzo Pavers provide a distinctive collection of whites, neutrals and greys. Create interest in your landscape designs using colours such as Silverpearl, Mocha, China Doll, Vanilla and Pewter.

With a selection of textures such as honed and sandblasted there is something to suit your client’s wish list. Honed pavers are perfect for patios, pool side and pathways offering many different size options. Varying the size and shape of your pavers can offer a more traditional feel to your design.

Sandblasted pavers offer a different texture and additional grip giving families style and safety, especially around pool areas.

White on white is another alternative that allows light to be reflected, with pale paving giving the area a luminous glow. The Platinum range offers smooth pavers following this colour trend, with tones such as Moonstone, Haddonstone and Charcoal. These pavers are made with the highest quality materials and designed to outlast similar paving products and natural sandstone pavers.

Custom concrete pavers for urban paving areas

Our paving range offers numerous pavers perfect for large pedestrian areas in commercial applications and urban environments such as shopping malls, retirement villages, plazas, transport hubs and other highly visible urban areas.

Designers and Architects can select from a range of custom precast concrete paver options to give any commercial paving application such as sidewalks or pedestrianised areas a design boost and added attraction. Architects and designers are welcome to talk to us about custom honed pavers, and we offer samples of a wide range of pavers in different materials including aggregates, pebbles, shells and glass.

As a trusted paving supplier we take pride in having a wide range of pavers that are ideal for urban architectural design, and we also create custom concrete paving tiles for large commercial applications in a range of materials and sizes.

Concrete pre-cast furniture & planter boxes for urban areas

Precast concrete furniture provides robust durable street-side appeal and ranges from benches to custom made concrete furniture. At Jagas we provide a range of concrete benches and furniture and are frequently contracted to custom make concrete structures to meet the architect’s design, from steps to monuments and plinths. Large precast concrete planter boxes are often used in public areas and commercial architectural designs to incorporate foliage and offer a complementary material to the overall design.

Jagas Paving is a humming business with a bright future and a solid background. Supplying top quality pavers for over a decade has given the company a great name and a loyal clientele of landscape designers, property developers and architects. We offer only top quality and a huge range of paving products in New Zealand, providing advice on paver styles and the most up to date trends.

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