Concrete is the most widely used building product on Earth, but it comes with an environmental cost. Portland Cement powder accounts for 8% of global CO2 emissions, and concrete production is responsible for 9% of industrial water use worldwide.
To make the most significant impact on improving our world, we must work to eliminate our consumption of Portland Cement, using more sustainable products to build our future.
JAGAS takes the importance of leading by example seriously. We operate in challenging environments and face some significant challenges. That’s why we’ve chosen an approach to reduce our impact on the Environment that is aspirational yet practical.

Our Precast

  • Our precast concrete is locally manufactured at our East Tamaki Facility with mostly locally sourced raw material and aggregates.
  • All cement in New Zealand is now imported. To reduce the cement use /carbon footprint, we use a minimum of 10% fly ash in our regular concrete. We are able to create a mix design with up to 17% fly ash without compromising concrete strength. Not only does using coal fly ash cut down on the concrete production processes that create CO2 emissions, but it puts a product that would otherwise go to landfill to good use. A two-fold benefit for the environment.
  • We collect and store rainwater at Jagas. Also, our plant is fitted out with a water recycling plant, which enables us to reuse up to 80% of the water from our manufacturing process repeatedly, minimising the amount of freshwater required for manufacture. We also ensure that any slurry from the finishing process does not enter local streams and waterways. Water testing is done regularly and reported to the Local Authority.

Our Hydropaver

  • Our HydroPavers are manufactured by using 100% recycled porcelain. The raw materials, using crushed broken tiles, are pressed into shape under 1600 Tonnes and baked at 1200°C to form the HydroPaver. The fine dust waste material from this process is collected and used to manufacture another line of porcelain tiles. Zero waste.
  • HYDROPAVER® is pervious, that is, the water soaks into the paver, so (A) The paver acts like a sponge to retain and transpire water to the atmosphere, giving significant environmental advantages; and (B) water passes through the paver at a very high rate once the paver is saturated.

Our Porcelain

  • Our porcelain product is manufactured with up to 42% recycled porcelain.

Social Responsibility.

  • We aim to be a good neighbour and treat our communities and employees with respect.
  • We offer planned training and development opportunities to our employees as part of our commitment to continuous improvement, and we value their inputs towards JAGAS.
  • We are keeping minimal automation at our plant for minor works and creating more employment opportunities.

JAGAS Accreditation.

  • We are a member of NZGBC New Zealand Green Building Council who is working on Sustainable, green homes and buildings for happier, healthier New Zealanders.
  • We endeavour to set the benchmark for the construction industry, pioneering sustainable and ethical practices with a minimal carbon footprint. In the near future, our goal is to obtain a Greenstar rating for our products.

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