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Permeable Pavers: A Simple Stormwater Solution

Serious flooding. Pipes leaking water. Sewage spilling into our harbours. Sinkholes collapsing roads. Yes, folks, New Zealand's infrastructure - and its consistent breakdown - has become front page news.

It's a serious headache for those in power and the communities affected by these issues, but when it comes to managing stormwater, there is a straightforward paving product that can help minimise the impact of severe weather events.

The Auckland floods in January 2023 highlighted the vulnerability of our urban infrastructure to extreme rainfall. We (graphically) saw how rain rushes off impermeable surfaces like buildings, streets, and car parks, into gutters, and then overwhelms a stormwater network that can't cope.

Designing a Sponge City

One smart solution is to create a Sponge City. This eco-friendly concept includes green roofs, rain gardens, and permeable pavements that absorb and filter water. These catchment systems capture rainwater where possible and repurpose it. More green spaces and trees are also integrated into the designs of streets and neighbourhoods. And in the case of permeable pavers – they are a straightforward, practical option that cost about the same as traditional pavers.

So simple. So clever.

Permeable pavers are usually made from materials like concrete or brick and have a porous structure that lets water pass through. They allow rainwater to seep through their surface and into the ground below, aiding in the management of stormwater runoff.

Permeable paving is more than just a technical solution; it's a small but important step towards developing urban areas that protect our environment. Beyond managing stormwater, permeable pavers also reduce the risk of flooding and decrease waterway pollution.

Aesthetics Meets Function.

While permeable pavers are supremely functional, they also come in a wide variety of styles, colours, and patterns. The HydroPaver range from Jagas is a perfect example. Jagas HydroPavers have been used across the full spectrum of residential and commercial projects—from driveways, footpaths and pool sides to the Waiuku Town Centre.

A Resilient Future

No doubt, the challenge of sustainable urban development will continue. But it's clear that solutions like permeable pavers can play a critical role in addressing both immediate and long-term environmental challenges. The Auckland floods being a reminder of the urgency of these issues.

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